The Club Constitution


1 The Club

1.1 Shall be known as ‘The Plummer Terrier club’ and shall thereafter be referred to as The Club.

1.2 The Club shall be a non-profit making organisation wholly devoted to securing its objectives

1.3 The objectives of The Club are:
– To provide a form of mutual interest in all aspects of the breed
– To promote the reputation of the breed
– To protect the interests of the breed by educating members on breeding schemes
– To provide a Club newsletter to members with information and news
– To encourage the use of the Plummer Terrier to all legal quarry
– To engage in any other activity for the benefit of the breed or its supporters as the Executive Committee shall from time to time deem necessary

2. The Executive Committee

2.1 Shall consist of single or family members of the club, to include President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Registrar and Treasurer plus no more than five committee members.

2.2 Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and will be expected to attend all Committee meetings. Failure to attend two out of three centrally located meetings will result in that officer being asked to resign his/her position

2.3 The Executive Committee shall have authority to co-opt during the year in the event of a vacancy arising

2.4 The quorum of the Executive Committee shall be six, including at least three elected officers

2.5 The Executive Committee shall have unfettered discretion to delegate all or any of its functions to Sub-Committees as the need arises. Every Sub-Committee shall be chaired by an elected officer and shall consist of members of the Club only. Members who are not on the Executive Committee may be co-opted ad hoc to any Sub-Committee at the discretion of that Sub-Committee.

2.6 No committee member shall be a member of any other Plummer Terrier breed club committee

2.7 Sub Committees to include persons responsible for registration, show and PR duties.

3. Finance

3.1 The Treasurer of the Club shall maintain the funds in an account of such financial institution as the Treasurer deems appropriate, save that the Executive Committee shall have the right to veto). The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be authorised signatories to the account, with a requirement that any two shall sign every cheque or negotiable document. Further, and at the discretion of the Executive Committee, a fourth person currently sitting on the Executive Committee may be authorised by the Club to countersign cheques or any such other negotiable document for the purpose of convenience or emergency.

3.2 The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting subscriptions and making payments on behalf of the Club

3.3 No funds payable to the Treasurer under provisions of these rules shall be refundable under any circumstances. This rule does not affect the principle that in exceptional circumstances refunds may be made in the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee.

3.4 Any current member of the Club shall have the right to inspect any cash book or other accounting record of the Club, subject to having given a reasonable notice of his/her wish to do so to the Treasurer

3.5 If for any reason, the Club ceases to operate, any balance of monies remaining to its credit after payment of all due debts shall be distributed to a charity or non-profit making organisation. Such distribution shall be at the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee.

4. Membership

4.1 Membership will be unlimited.

4.2 Membership of The Club shall be open to anyone whether they keep Plummer Terriers or not. Only full members shall have one vote at any Club meeting, save that no member under the age of eighteen years shall vote on a matter of finance. For the purpose of these rules the expression ‘member’ shall include Family Membership, as the Executive Committee shall permit. Family Membership shall carry two votes only.

4.3 Membership of the Club shall lapse with the expiry of the Member’s current subscription. However, an extended one-month period will be allowed on this, after which the person will be asked to apply again for membership. Otherwise membership of The Club will be assumed to be cancelled.

4.4 The Executive Committee shall have absolute discretion to refuse any person as a new member

4.5 Members shall pay an annual subscription of such as shall from time to time be decided by the Annual General Meeting upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

4.6 Members of The Club are required to only breed from registered Plummer Terriers

4.7 All new members will be an Associate Member for a period of one year after which they can apply for full membership

5. Annual General Meeting

5.1 The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in each calendar year. The date shall be within the discretion of the Executive Committee and shall be notified to all members and every member shall be entitled to attend. If for any reason beyond the control of The Club, an Annual General Meeting is not held in any year, the existing officers shall remain in their posts until such a meeting is held.

5.2 The Executive Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of The Club at any time. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the demand of any group of 10 full or family members concerned. Such demand shall be delivered to the Secretary forthwith. Upon receipt thereof, the Secretary shall call such General Meeting within six weeks at a location determined by the Executive Committee.

5.3 Voting at all proceedings shall be by show of hands, save that a paper ballot may be taken upon passing of a motion to do so. Motions will pass by a simple two-thirds majority except in the case of motions to change rules where a majority of two-thirds of the current membership will be required. In any vote to change a rule, an abstention will be counted as a vote for the motion.

5.4 In determination of any Club matter by voting, the Chairperson of any General Meeting shall have no vote. The Chairperson shall be entitled to exercise a casting vote in cases where the Meeting is equally split. The same rule shall apply to the Executive Committee and Sub-Committees.

5.5 For the purpose of these rules, the expression ‘Chairperson’ means any person who is at that time chairing a Meeting and is not limited to the elected Chairperson of The Club

5.6 The Club rules shall only be changed at an Annual General Meeting. Any member proposing a change of rule shall give four weeks notice in writing to the Secretary. A seconder shall sign such a proposal. This rule, insofar as it relates to the period of written notice, shall not apply to rule changes proposed by the Executive Committee.

5.7 Motions to be moved at the AGM, other than those originating from the Executive Committee shall be notified in writing to the Secretary four weeks before the date of the Meeting and shall be signed by a secondary. Proposals for new officers shall be subject to the same procedure except where a candidate is an existing officer. If no written proposals for officers are received, the Chairperson may accept proposals from the floor. In any event, candidates should be prepared to stand for office for which they are being nominated.

5.8 Members shall be responsible for guests at any meeting. Members shall not accept written or verbal challenges. No guests will be allowed to be present at the AGM other than those allowed by the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee.

5.9 It shall not be within the remitt of an AGM to entertain any motion to suspend the operation of these rules for that meeting

5.10 Any member of the Executive Committee shall be reimbursed financially for any expenses incurred on behalf of The Club upon agreement by the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary and proof of expenditure.

6. Disciplinary Procedure

6.1 The Executive Committee reserves the right to expel from The Club any person whom, in their opinion, has engaged in any conduct likely to bring The Club into disrepute. Once a member has been expelled, they cannot reapply to become a member at any time in the future.
6.2 Any member not returning club property ie, trophies shall be expelled from The Club

6.3 Any member expelled from The Club shall be barred from all Club events. Such persons will not be allowed to address the public on matters of Club business and care should be taken by organisers of The Club events to comply with this ruling.

7. Grievance Procedure

7.1 The Executive Committee shall have absolute discretion to refuse or renew any existing membership. Reasons for doing so will be given in writing within 28 days of the decision. The Executive Committee will review any response to this decision, but no action is required.

7.2 Where a current member is subject to a current disciplinary procedure, the membership will be renewed pending the outcome of such procedure.

7.3 All members have the right to raise a grievance issue with the Executive Committee, which will be duly considered, and a response given within 28 days

8. Shows

8.1 The Executive Committee shall decide at the AGM how many shows. The Club is to produce or back, they will also decide upon what classes are to be included in the show schedule.

8.2 The Club will hold a list of approved judges of the breed. Judges shall be decided by the Committee and not limited to members only. A copy of the standard for the breed and, in addition, a list of approved judges shall be available to Show Secretaries.

9. Register

The Club shall register all Plummer Terriers of proven ancestry; on registration all dogs shall receive an official Plummer Terrier Club pedigree.

9.1 The Club will not accept litter registrations from a bitch that has already whelped over 4 Litters or has reached the age of 8 years old at the date of whelping. However, this restriction is to the discretion of the registrar if the bitch is 8 years old and has had no more than 1 previous litter.

9.2 The register is open to all Plummer Terriers of the breed standard and those that do not conform to the breed standard ie. tricolour & putty nose dogs etc will not be accepted for registration.

9.3 The register is set to record all breeding data on faults to assist in eradication of diseases and faults associated with the Plummer Terrier.

9.4 The database containing the register will remain in the possession of a Registrar (honorary trustee) who will be entrusted with the Club database and the running of the registration system.

9.5 The executive committee are to elect two suitable committee members to assist in registration duties.

10 Liability

10.1 The Club will not accept liability for any loss or injury suffered by any member during any Club event, save for the death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Executive Committee, its Servants or Agents.

11 Contingencies

The Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final, shall deal with any contingency not provided for in these rules. Acceptance of membership constitutes acceptance of this constitution and its rules.