The Plummer Terrier Club

The Plummer Terrier Club was formed on November 1st. 2017 primarily to ensure the continued development of Plummers as working terriers. The aims and objectives of the club are based on experience; lessons learned, and a raft of measures proposed by the newly formed committee that ultimately club members will determine as part of the way forward for the breed.
The health and welfare of the breed is of utmost importance. This will be secured via,
(1) The club’s information page where regular discussion will be encouraged, including consideration of a range of current research papers and topical articles, and veterinary features.
(2) Consideration of scientific genetic research that encourages discussion on the pros and cons of,
a) selective use of the available gene pool.  Of course, this includes striving to improve and expand the pool over time and DNA profiling.
b) using an out-cross programme (if needed)
c) inclusion of research based breeding to reduce the incidence of inherited diseases and conditions, including anatomical weakness, (known and unknown); patella luxation, weak or mousey heads, foul mouth etc.
(3) Adherence to responsible treatment and breeding of our terriers in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Ammend’2010).
(4) Adherence to the requirements of the Hunting Act 2004.
The club has two forums on Facebook; a closed group with a growing membership and a working dog chatroom dedicated to all legal sporting activities and topics.
The breed’s creator, the late Dr David Brian Plummer insisted that his terriers were first and foremost working dogs. We are dedicated to ensuring that this remains so; that as a breed they are fit for purpose; to hunt rats, which they excel at. They are superb bushing dogs and if entered properly will engage in legal earthwork. They have a strong prey drive, are highly agile and possess superb scenting ability.
They make excellent pets and agility dogs too but require firm handling and plenty of exercise to channel their endless energy!  The club holds up to four shows a year during the Summer, details of which are announced on the forums.
There is a comprehensive breed register managed by the club Registrar; an invaluable record of bloodlines and the available gene pool.
A club Yearbook will be published on an annual basis and club members are encouraged to contribute articles, thus reflecting all aspects of the breed.
We encourage all Plummer owners and enthusiasts to support the breed but above all to enjoy the experience of what these cracking sporting terriers have to offer.

Phil Kettle Dec’ 2017.